DIY Belt recycling a Bicycle tire (tutorial)

Bicycle tires are very hard to recycle and have a big impact on the environment. By making a belt out of it you are not only saving money, but you are also being ecological! You can make two belts out of a single bike tire.

For this project you will need:
-1 used bicycle tire
-1 old belt buckle you're not using anymore (I happened to have 2 different kind)
-scissors, screwdriver

Begin by cutting the tire. It's fairly easy to get a straight line. Length and thickness of the belt are up to you. take one of your belts as an example. I ended up with two belts out of a 28'' tire.

Use the screw driver to make a hole as shown, this is where you're going to place the screw from your old belt.

Place the screw in the hole and tighten it.

Depending on which kind on belt buckle you are using, cut the end of the tire differently.

Your belt is ready! This is how it fits. I really like it and it looks very durable. If you like this project make sure to like and share it on Facebook, Twitter or Pinterest! Thank you.
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